Reviewing EnergyPLAN simulations and performance indicator applications in EnergyPLAN simulations

This article has a threefold objective, it reviews the application of a given energy system simulation model – EnergyPLAN – analysing its application on geographic level as well as the types of simulations or scenario analyses performed on the model. Secondly, it reviews the types of performance indicators applied in said energy systems simulations and thirdly it reviews and details existing advanced energy system performance indicators and proposed additional indicators.

The EnergyPLAN model has been applied in 95 different peer reviewed journal articles, additionally, results have been referred in 45 other articles and the model has been characterised in 40 articles as of May 26th 2015.

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4 Responses to Reviewing EnergyPLAN simulations and performance indicator applications in EnergyPLAN simulations

  1. mohammad says:

    I want to use energy plan software for energy modeling. How can I input power plants information of my model such as gas turbine cycle efficiency or other similar information? I tried to find a section for non-renewable plants efficiency but unfortunately I could not find.

  2. Dave Drysdale says:

    Hi Mohammad

    Please begin by going to the training page and go through the exercises. This will hopefully answer your questions.


  3. Nickson says:


    How can I include crude oil production and consequently its refined products in the supply tab sheet? I am modelling a middle eastern country in which oil exports have have a significant impact. I have gone through the documentation but still have not seen where to add this data. The only available choices in the Liquid and Gas fuels section of the supply tab sheet are the renewable fuels and not the fossil fuels.
    I have also tried including an oil storage value in the balancing and storage tabsheet with the hope that the simulator would autonomously calculate the import/export from this value. It has not.
    Please help.

  4. Dave Drysdale says:


    The tool does not model the life cycle impacts of the oil. It is designed to model only the supply and demand of the energy system of the region you are studying. So the supply and demand values reflect for example demand of petrol and diesel for transport in the region.

    If you want to add the regional transport fuel demand you should use the demand -> transport tab.


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