PhD Theses using EnergyPLAN

Here you can find an overview of PhD-theses that use the EnergyPLAN model.

Title: Increasing the penetration of renewable energy sources by using power to heat technologies in power systems based on coal.

Author: Drilon Meha, University of Zagreb, 2021.

Title: Modelling Renewable Energy Islands: and the Benefits for Energy Planning.

Author: Hannah Mareike Marczinkowski, Aalborg University, 2021.

Title: From the production to the utilization of renewable fuels: An energy system perspective.

Author: Andrei David Korberg, Aalborg University, 2021.

Title: Sustainable Local Energy Planning,
The Role of Renewable Energy Scenarios

Author: David William Maya-Drysdale, Aalborg University, 2020.

Title: Renewable energy for sustainable development: Reviewing the Nicaraguan Energy Transition, its challenges and opportunities

Author: Maria Movsessian, Europa-Universität Flensburg, 2020.

Title: Contextual Aspects of Smart City Energy Systems Analysis: Methodology and Tools

Author: Jakob Zinck Thellufsen, Aalborg University, 2017.

Title: Development of innovative tools for multi-objective optimization of energy systems.

Author: Md Shahriar Mahbub, University of Trento, 2017.

Title: The modelling future of future energy scenarios for Denmark.

Author: Pil Seok Kwon, Aalborg University, 2014.

Title: Wind power integration with heat pumps, heat storages, and electric vehicles – Energy systems analysis and modelling.

Author: Karsten Hedegaard, Technical University of Denmark (DTU), 2013.

Title: The integration of sustainable transport into future renewable energy systems in China

Author: Wen Liu, Aalborg University, 2011.

Title: Fuel cells and electrolysers in future energy systems (2006-2009)

Author: Brian Vad Mathiesen, Aalborg University, 2008.