EnergyPLAN simulates the operation of national energy systems on an hourly basis, including the electricity, heating, cooling, industry, and transport sectors. It is developed and maintained by the Sustainable Energy Planning Research Group at Aalborg University, Denmark. The model is used by many researchers, consultancies, and policymakers worldwide. This is possible due to the key focus on sharing the model during its development. For example, the model has a user-friendly interface, it is disseminated as a freeware, there is a variety of training available including our forum, and existing models are already available for many countries. The EnergyPLAN model has been used in hundreds of scientific publications and reports, which are presented in the case studies section. Please inform us about any publications or reports that you create based on the EnergyPLAN model, so we can add it to this list.

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How to cite EnergyPLAN

When you wish to refer to EnergyPLAN in a publication, please use this reference:
”EnergyPLAN – Advanced Analysis of Smart Energy Systems”

  • Access to a network of global users
  • User-friendly and very fast for a normal PC (seconds)
  • Detailed hourly analyses of a complete energy system
  • Access to library of hourly data
  • Long list of case studies from various countries
  • Free of charge
  • Free online training, guides, workshops, and documentation
  • Facilitates third-party developments by allowing add-on help tools
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