Heat Roadmap Chile (HRCL)

The purpose of the Heat Roadmap Chile (HRCL) project is to create an evidence-based Roadmap to contribute to the discourse on the future of the heating sector and its role in Chile’s energy system and air decontamination plans, as well as create the data, methods, and knowledge necessary to further develop the long-term planning for the future of the sector.

This HRCL project is a spin-off project from the Heat Roadmap Europe series of studies, which combine local (geographic) data with knowledge on energy savings and detailed all sector hour-by-hour energy system analysis. The project combines both the local potentials for the entire country – by creating the Chile Heat Demand Map – and assesses the country-wide potential for district heating. This is combined with modelling the country’s energy systems as a whole, allowing for the development of a Heat Roadmap Chile scenario for 2050, and insight towards the overall Chilean energy perspective.

Report: Heat Roadmap Chile: Quantifying the potential of clean district heating and energy efficiency for a long-term energy vision for Chile

Data and ModelsModels and Outputs (zip)


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