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    Vanessa Ndlovu

    Good day,

    Can anyone please assist me in converting Mwh costs into MW-e costs. The costs that I have are measure in Rands per Mwh but the input on the model requires the costs to be per MW-e and I dont know how the conversion works. Please assist. Thank you in advance.


    Hello Vanessa

    To convert from MWh to MW, you can either identifiy the peak production capacity that EnergyPLAN identifies to produce the required energy for the specific technology.

    More simple can be to divide MWh with 8784, this will give you the cost in RAND/MW, but the MW will be based on the average capacity which is not always the case.


    Lewis hamilton

    The formula used to calculate megawatt-hours is Megawatt hours (MWh) = Megawatts (MW) x Hours (h). To convert megawatt hours to megawatts, you are going to need to divide the number of megawatt hours by the number of hours. In other words: Megawatts (MW) = Megawatt hours (MWh) / Hours (h).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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