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    roma dopa

    For over 15 years, PEREKLAD.UA has been at the forefront of Ukraine’s translation bureau landscape, offering unparalleled expertise and a commitment to excellence. With a team of more than 750 translators proficient in 50 languages, our bureau in Kyiv has become synonymous with quality, speed, and reliability in translation services.

    Crafting Flawless Translations

    At PEREKLAD.UA, achieving impeccable translation quality is our hallmark. We achieve this by engaging industry-specialized translators with extensive experience in their respective fields. Each text undergoes a meticulous process of translation, proofreading, and editing to ensure accuracy and fidelity to the original content.

    During translation, specialized glossaries are developed and utilized to maintain consistency in terminology. We also employ advanced translation memory systems to ensure uniformity across translations, regardless of volume. At the client’s request, translations can be formatted precisely to mirror the original document, whether in a side-by-side layout or any other preferred format.

    Why Choose PEREKLAD.UA

    Collaborating with PEREKLAD.UA offers numerous advantages:

    Quality Translations: Clients can trust that their texts and documents will be translated accurately and professionally.
    Swift Turnaround: Enjoy expedited service, with standard document translations completed in as little as 20 minutes, notarized translations in one hour, apostilles in two hours, and large orders within a day.
    Comprehensive Solutions: Save time by eliminating the need to approach government agencies or notaries separately.
    Competitive Pricing: Clients can expect cost savings, with discounts available for regular clients and beneficiaries.
    Convenient Location: Our bureau’s central location in Kyiv ensures easy accessibility from any point in the city.
    To avail of our services, clients can simply fill out a form, send the text via mail, or call us directly!

    Meeting the Rising Demand for Professional Translation

    As globalization continues to drive international interactions, the demand for professional translation services is surging. Individuals, businesses, and public organizations increasingly require accurately translated materials for various purposes such as travel, education, work, immigration, business expansion, and partnership pursuits. The need for expertly translated personal documents, certificates, contracts, presentations, catalogs, and specifications is paramount. Beyond linguistic proficiency, deep knowledge in law, economics, technical sciences, and medicine is essential for quality translations.

    PEREKLAD.UA: Your Trusted Translation Partner

    Situated in Kyiv, PEREKLAD.UA stands ready to address any translation challenge with efficiency and expertise. Our managers are fluent in over 50 languages and are highly qualified specialists in specialized fields. With 15 years of experience, we provide prompt and high-quality translation assistance to individuals and legal entities alike.

    Reliability Reinforced

    PEREKLAD.UA’s reliability in Kyiv is evidenced by our 15-year track record in the translation services market and the thousands of satisfied clients who have become repeat customers. Our team comprises experienced professionals and native speakers with at least 2 higher educations. In addition to impeccable language skills, our staff possesses extensive knowledge in humanities, technical, and medical fields. Each project is assigned to an expert with relevant experience and deep expertise. We leverage glossaries, modern technical programs, and knowledge bases to ensure the speed and accuracy of all translations.

    Advantages of PEREKLAD.UA Translation Bureau

    PEREKLAD.UA caters to both one-time orders and long-term collaborations with organizations. Many individuals and companies, having availed of our services once, become our loyal partners. We are prepared to provide services globally, regardless of your location. Our bureau in Ukraine serves our citizens, foreigners, domestic, and international companies.

    Located in the center of Kyiv, our office is easily accessible, just a 2-minute walk from Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station. We operate on Saturdays and accept applications 24/7. Our commitment to translating from and into Ukrainian into over 50 languages remains steadfast.

    At PEREKLAD.UA, we prioritize adherence to international standards, approaching each project with meticulous care and responsibility.

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