Danish Expert Group on electricity production from CHP and Renewable Energy (2000-2001)

In 2000-2001, the EnergyPLAN model was used in the contributions of Aalborg University to the work of a Danish expert group formed by the Danish Energy Authorities to analyse the excess electricity production problem arising from large-scale integration of CHP and wind power. The results were first published in a report in Danish and subsequently, they formed the basis for the following journal articles:

Lund, H. and Münster, E. Modelling of energy systems with a high percentage of CHP and wind power. Renewable Energy, Vol. 28 (14), pp. 2179-2193, 2003. The paper describes important parts of the EnergyPLAN model and presents case results.

Lund, H. and Münster, E. Management of surplus electricity production from a fluctuating renewable energy source. Applied Energy, Vol. 76 (1-3), pp. 65-74, 2003. The paper presents and discusses different national strategies for solving the excess electricity production problem.

Lund, H. Flexible energy systems: Integration of electricity production from CHP and fluctuating renewable energy. Int. J. Energy Technology and Policy, Vol. 1 (3), pp. 250-261, 2003. The paper presents EnergyPLAN studies of the Danish Energy System and points out key changes required in the system in order to better integrate both wind power and CHP.