Energy System Analysis of Waste-to-Energy technologies (2007-2009)

The focus of this PhD thesis by Marie Münster is the analysis of the optimal use of waste for energy production in Denmark, now and in the future. The object of analysis is waste which is not reused or recycled, but can be used for energy production. Different Waste-to-Energy technologies are analysed through energy system analysis of the current Danish energy system with 13-14% renewable energy, as well as possible future Danish energy systems with 43% (2025) and 100% renewable energy (2050), respectively. The technologies include combustion, thermal gasification, anaerobic digestion, fermentation, and transesterification technologies producing electricity, heat, or transport fuel. The influences on and from the surrounding countries Norway, Sweden, Finland and Germany are included in some of the analyses.

The analyses are performed in the EnergyPLAN model and the Balmorel model developed at the former TSO, ElkraftSystem. A set of important aspects related to the modelling of waste and Waste-to-Energy technologies have been identified, and both models have been developed and improved in this respect in the course of the PhD project.

An abstract of the dissertation can be found here and a related journal paper is available here.