Modelling of energy systems with a high percentage of CHP and wind power (2003)

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This paper presents the energy system analysis model EnergyPLAN, which has been used to analyse the integration of large scale wind power into the national Danish electricity system. The main purpose of the EnergyPLAN model is to design suitable national energy planning strategies by analysing the consequences of different national energy investments. The model emphasises the analysis of different regulation strategies and different market economic optimisation strategies.

At present wind power supply 15% of the Danish electricity demand and ca 50% is produced in CHP (combined heat and power production). The model has been used in the work of an expert group conducted by the Danish Energy Agency for the Danish Parliament. Results are included in the paper in terms of strategies, in order to manage the integration of CHP and wind power in the future Danish energy supply in which more than 40% of the supply is expected to come from wind power.

EnegyPLAN 5.0