What is a ground cover?

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    A ground cover refers to any vegetation or material that grows densely and spreads across the soil, providing a protective layer and serving various purposes in landscaping and gardening. Essentially, it acts as a Mat for ground, shielding it from erosion, suppressing weed growth, retaining moisture, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces. Ground covers come in a diverse range of options, including low-growing plants like creeping thyme, vinca, or ornamental grasses, as well as non-plant materials such as mulch, gravel, or even synthetic fabrics. The choice of ground cover depends on factors like climate, soil type, sun exposure, and intended use of the area. In addition to their practical functions, ground covers contribute to biodiversity by creating habitats for small animals, insects, and beneficial microorganisms. They also offer solutions for challenging areas where traditional landscaping may be impractical, such as steep slopes or areas with poor soil quality. Overall, ground covers play a crucial role in sustainable landscaping practices, promoting soil health, conserving water, and enhancing the overall beauty and functionality of outdoor environments.

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