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    jack frostenson

    It is no surprise to anyone that mobile applications generate a lot, a lot of money and some even generate much more than the big AAA games, isn’t that incredible? Knowing this I don’t want to be left behind, that’s why I want to monetize an application that I already have created, but I’m waiting to know how to monetize it before launching it on the market. Does anyone know how to do it?

    enzo enzo

    Good day to all.
    Of course, many people know and many are already making money on this with might and main. you just wrote obstraktono what you just want to monetize but didn’t describe how .. maybe you meant to fasten the payment system. I would start by looking for thematic forums on the Internet specifically for your task.

    Robert Winterwood

    Smartphone apps do bring in a good amount of revenue. If you are in the beginning stages, I would recommend you to implement advertising. It’s a great passive income! Later, when your app becomes a bit more famous you can launch paid features. Your idea is really great! I wish you good luck with its realization!

    Sheikh Ahmad

    Yes, definitely you can monetize your application. You can search strategies about monetization of application. There are many articles written on it. I would recommend you a website where you may find article about application monetization. I think you should visit it once.

    Ben Owen

    It is possible to monetize application. There are lots of applications that are monetized. You just need to know the strategies that how to monetize your application. I visited the website shared by sheikh. It has all information and strategies that how to monetize application. I think you should visit it once.

    JuniorOwens Owens

    The ever-evolving world of digital marketing is witnessing seismic changes that promise to change the way online publishers operate. The impending demise of third-party cookies has sparked a wave of adaptation and innovation across the industry as publishers strategically prepare to navigate the uncharted waters of a cookieless future.

    Tim Martin

    You did not indicate that with the rise of privacy concerns and regulatory measures, the era of third-party cookies has come to an end. These cookies, which have long been the cornerstone of online tracking and targeted advertising, are being phased out. You can find out how this will affect regular users and advertising here , which I think is a pretty interesting article.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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