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    Maria Rieke

    The lighting of a terrace with LED lights and lamps must be designed with extreme care. At stake is not only the quality of the light and the aesthetics of the terrace, but also the safety of the tenants or of those who use this space (customers, public, etc.). In order to avoid short circuits and dangerous current discharges in case of rain, hail or high humidity, it is necessary to first consider the IP degree of the lamps, a value shown on the label which indicates the level of protection of the lamp housings against dust, solid bodies and liquids. The IP degree is made up of two digits, the first of which indicates shielding from solid bodies while the second corresponds to the resistance to water penetration. When buying LED lamps for terrace lighting, it is essential that the IP degree is as high as possible (the maximum is 68), so as to ensure flawless functioning, necessary in an outdoor context such as the terrace.

    The second consideration to make when choosing LED lights and lamps for terrace lighting concerns intensity and direction of the light source. Exceeding in the power of the source for fear of not illuminating enough when darkness falls is a mistake that could annoy not only guests but also neighbors. Better to opt for dimmable lights (whose intensity is adjustable) and solutions that can be oriented in space, also because the time of sunset and the position of the sun change a lot from one period of the year to the other. Another important consideration, strictly connected with the orientation of the lights, is their distribution in space. An excellent compromise is to diversify the models of lamps, so as to maximize the environment and, above all, the elements that populate the terrace (plants, sofas, sculptures, design objects). We see in this regard the categories of LED lamps and Transparent Glass Building Led Strip Display among the most interesting.

    By virtue of what has been said so far, the choice of LED terrace lighting fixtures will fall on a range of products with very specific characteristics. The main categories are three: high brightness and efficiency LED strips, recessed LED spotlights and designer floor lamps. The first category includes the innovative LED strips, on sale in the form of a coil with length at the discretion of the user, perfect for defining the edges or the parapet. Recessed LED spotlights are instead excellent for enhancing a cactus, a piano bar or other elements of a certain importance from below. Finally, the floor lamps, in the places where people sit or live on the terrace, create a classy atmosphere with their soft light.

    Teliukh Vladyslav

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    Amelia Brook

    Here are some tips on how to set LED Lighting for terrace.

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