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    Hilli Swon

    Hello! I work in a financial organization and as a rule, in any financial platform where customers can have their personal accounts, you need to have good security, and first of all this can be achieved with KYC verification. I have studied this verification method a lot and decided to implement it in my system, but how do I do it?

    lezon ermat

    You want to do the right thing. Today, many financial institutions and not only implement the Know Your Customer check. After all, when working with cash deposits, you need to know the person standing in front of you or using the Internet.

    Blade Jeremy

    truth, security is always very important in any
    place and much more in a financial organization, where you work with personal accounts of clients and others, search Google for something like “KYC verification for financial organization” a solution or a company that can give you this service should appear

    Christian Brickman

    Recently, digital assets and electronic money have opened up more opportunities for the transfer of illegal funds. Thus, the legislation aimed at combating money laundering has also changed. The KYC & AML regulations of require banks and other financial institutions to understand who their customers are and what transactions they conduct. Thus, you can speed up interaction with your customers and greatly simplify all business processes.

    Maurice Wilson

    The AML/KYC policy applies to all companies providing services in the EU countries. Some exchanges did not agree to sacrifice privacy and took their activities outside the EU. Unfortunately, the number of countries with weakened regulation remains less and less. Many governments are interested in controlling the circulation of cryptocurrencies and have introduced licensing for activities related to their storage and exchange.

    Three Zome

    Hello, that’s right, exactly the same, not only as a rule, but also for security, think about the security of your users, I don’t think you want them to lose money in their accounts, nor do I think you want them to steal anyone’s information, for what is always necessary to implement the KYC verification system for users, this type of system is provided by teams of professionals, in Google there are hundreds of them, in a simple search you can find them

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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