Is it possible to get a private bus for 10 people in Munich?

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    Three Zome

    Hello how are you? In a few weeks my friends and I will go for a walk to the beautiful city of Munich, we know the city only from photos and videos on the internet but we have never been there, so to move without problems or take risks we want to find some means of transportation in the city, but a car could not be since we are 10 friends in total, we have come up with the idea of ​​getting a private bus to tour the entire city of Munich, we do not think it is impossible, but we have no idea where to get something So does anyone know where to get it?

    vovik sas

    When you book rooms in a hotel, ask the hotel if they have their own minibus or they know where to hire one or another option, find out at the airport there should be a car rental.


    Hello I suggest the public transport bus, subway, streetcar, they are much cheaper.Map in hand and walk this unique emotion to see more cool places Munich.Why do you rent something!🙌

    Hilli Swon

    To travel around the city, it is best to rent a private bus munich. These vehicles are a great option for moving around a big city with a small group of people. After all, they have increased comfort, spaciousness and, of course, safety.


    Many people like to travel. And therefore, I think that in any city where tourists come, there are firms that rent cars, buses, and other transport. There are probably such companies in Munich.

    viktorr viktorr

    For such a large company, it will be impossible to move in an ordinary passenger car. At the same time, there is a need to always be together. You need to rent a large car. Then everyone will be comfortable traveling around the city. The option of renting for a few days will suit you.

    Mary Pino

    I once used a 10-seater car rental service in Munich. By the way, I am currently in Canada and saw the same service that I used there. allows you to rent any type of car: from a sedan to a multi-seat minibus.

    Adamz Sendler

    I usually buy tickets myself, but there were a few trips with a lot of layovers, so I needed specialist help and learned more about business class travel agents.

    civil constipation

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    John Smith

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