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    Surbhi Sharma

    To split your oversized PST files in Outlook, I would like to recommend you use the most popular PST Splitter tool. It can split PST files by date, time, and size. It has a strong algorithm and intuitive interface so that it can easily divide/breaks oversized Outlook PST files. It enables users to apply passwords on newly created PST files by using different types also, supports all versions of Outlook and Windows.

    Manoj Sharma

    I have recently gone through an informative article that explained How to Split Large PST file Outlook 2016 using the manual approach. This article also provides the reasons to split the large PST files. It helped me to split the large PST files into smaller ones effectively. Following are the three different manual methods explained in this article to perform this task:

    1. Reduce the size of PST with the import/export process.
    2. Using Move to Folder Option to Manage Oversized PST File.
    3. Make use of Archive Wizard to reduce the size of the PST File.

    However, this manual approach has some limitations due to which experts have always recommended opting for the professional software solution. This article will also introduce you to a PST Splitter that is a reliable tool to split your large PST files.

    oden smith

    To split PST file, many solutions are available but you should choose safe solution therefore I would like to recommend GainTools Split PST Tool that comfortably split any large PST file into smaller parts with data safety. Moreover, the software works without installing Outlook. You can split any large PST file based on size, year, and folder in a few minutes with this application.


    The sametools PST split solution is advanced, enables users to split MS Outlook databases of any version including 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. To avoid file corruption and Split PST file we can manually reduce its size by Clean Up utility. Sometime the large size of the file may result in file corruption and that may affect the performance of the email application as well. To overcome from such problems, you have to perform splitting PST. Use This Software for successful splitting. The software can split PST files by size. and user need to define a size by which the selected PST file will be split. The utility software can securely divide PST files such as emails, contacts, tasks, calendars, and other files without any data loss.

    Anais Fargo

    I’m grateful to you for this quick and informative answer. This is really useful information for me.

    Jaxon Jones

    You can use the BetaVare Split PST Tool to easily split all Outlook PST files into multiple PST files. Moreover, without using Microsoft Outlook, this program can break Outlook PST files. It separates Outlook PST files according to their size, year, and folder, and users can easily save the resultant separate Outlook PST files at any location on the desktop. This software is simple to download, and it just takes a few simple steps to split a large Outlook PST file. Moreover, users can split their ANSI and Unicode PST files. To learn more about the features and functionalities of this program, download the free demo version.

    John watkins

    Splitting Outlook PST files is a crucial practice for maintaining the health and efficiency of your Outlook email client. PST files, where Outlook stores emails, attachments, contacts, calendars, task, notes, journals, and other data, can become unwieldy over time, leading to performance issues and potential data corruption. To mitigate these problems, splitting large PST files into smaller, more manageable segments is recommended. Use ToolsBaer PST Split Tool. This helps reduce the size of your primary PST file and improves Outlook’s responsiveness. These tools allow you to split PST files based on various criteria like folder, size, year, sender, or category. There is a demo version of PST split tool, you can check it out for more details.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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