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    David Mapes

    Did your teacher ask you for a compare and contrast essay and you don’t know how to begin? Don’t panic! Compare and contrast essays are not hard to prepare. This kind of essay is characterized by a basis for comparison, developed in different point or pay for homework , and analogies, always between two (or sometimes more) terms. Here we will show you how you can write a good essay of this kind just by following five simple steps.

    Step 1: Choose the topic
    Maybe it was the teacher who provided the topic. Maybe it is you who has to find the appropriate one. Anyway, thinks about two or more terms that can easily be related. For example, the economic crisis of 2008 with the crack of 1929.

    Step 2: Choose the focus
    Once you have picked the terms, decide the focus of your compare and contrast essay. Are you going to compare or to contrast?
    While the structure is basically the same, the difference is that while a comparison focuses on the similarities between the terms, a contrast essay highlights its differences. For example, you may choose to write an essay about Hemingway and Faulkner. You may have a lot to say about them that keeps both writers close to each other (for example, the influence on contemporaries, the fact that they were both Nobel prize winners, etc). But you may choose to focus on the differences instead, in which case your essay will be a typical contrast.

    Felix Frazier

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    John Staples

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    Asley Patricia

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    Kentrell Gigi

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    Jamaima Cyrus


    Kamille Kunde

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