How do I choose a company name and register it in the UK?

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    Hilli Swon

    I began the process of going out and opening a company in the United Kingdom. But immediately I ran into some problems. When starting a foreign company in the UK, one of the important decisions is to choose a name to represent your business. Not only do you need to think about branding, but you need to make sure that you follow the rules for choosing a company name. Can you tell me how to choose the right company name and register it in the UK?

    Blade Jeremy

    Of course, it is precisely like that, honestly you should have previously informed yourself of this before opening the company in the United Kingdom, but do not worry, all these doubts can be clarified by a professional company that is dedicated to it, just search the internet

    Annu Seepal

    Check company name.
    Decide on a company address.
    Choose a SIC code.
    Appoint a director.
    Outline company structure.
    Choose shareholders or Persons of Significant Control.
    Sign a statement of compliance.
    Pay a company formation fee.

    vovik sas

    In order to register a company in Britain, you first need to fly to the island and there you will contact an intelligent legal company that will do everything for you for a certain amount specified in the estimate or advise you on your further actions if you decide to save money and do everything yourself. The name of the company can also be chosen by advertising agencies and make a logo.

    Three Zome

    To choose the name of a company you must first verify that it is not in use and registered, you can do exactly all that right here there they will help you select the name that is available and in turn register it so that no one else can use it more than you, I hope it will be of great help to you

    Yuliia Hrynyk

    Hallo !Are you considering acquiring a ready-made company that has existed for several years and meets the necessary requirements of English law?


    I agree you need to go to England to see what are the names, or on the Internet, and then add a little edit and get the original name. You have not yet written in what direction your company, find a reliable lawyer with years of experience and with him to gather the documents.

    viktorr viktorr

    The United Kingdom has complex legislation. This is especially true for your business area. It will be somewhat difficult to understand all the nuances on your own. This can drag on for a long time. It will be much more practical to hire a lawyer specializing in this area.

    sushmita singh

    Well you guys helped me a lot I was also thinking about the register my company in UK. Thanks guys

    Osborn Tyler

    To understand how to develop a brand identity, you need to clearly define your company’s values and what you want to communicate to your customers. Think about the purpose of your brand and how you want your audience to perceive your company. A logo is one of the main elements of corporate identity. Make sure your logo reflects your company’s values and character. Use appropriate colors, fonts and shapes to create a recognizable and memorable symbolism. Identify a few basic fonts that will be used in all your company materials. Once you have developed a brand identity, make sure it is used in all aspects of your business. Apply it on your website, social media, advertising, product packaging and all company visual materials.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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