Are there any online communities or forums where nursing students can connect

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    Halena Bob

    The internet is full of forums for any kind of student and also for nursing, there are many forums available where the students can suggest each other, answer questions, and connect with different minds to get more knowledge about the specific problem. Some professionals and students are available to connect. Tell their point of view. And the students share their work experience on a certain type of complex case. The professionals suggest different kinds of solutions to keep the newcomers safe themselves from this kind of problem. Like the child care issues. And there are childcare assignment writers who suggest solutions related to childcare issues and their solutions.
    Some of the top nursing forums are:
    1) Future and New Nurses is a platform that is the best online forum for new and future nurses where they connect with professionals. And most of the users are newcomers and sharing the experience. Or ask important questions like how to handle different situations effectively.
    2) Clinical Practice Community: This forum is best for sharing or connecting with clinical educators to talk about clinical practice. The common talks in this community or forum are about evidence-based clinical solutions and policies and the best practices for handling a certain type of solution based on real experimental solutions.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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