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    After an enjoyable week in Tucson filled with friends, planes, mountain bikes, and fun, the journey back home turned into a nightmare. American Airlines proved to be incredibly frustrating and unhelpful throughout the entire ordeal.

    I left my Tucson hotel at 4:00 am on Monday, but I didn’t arrive in Cleveland until 11:45 am on Tuesday—almost 29 hours later. The troubles began when my flight from Tucson departed at 6:00 am and landed in Chicago around 12:05 pm local time.

    Unfortunately, my flight to Cleveland scheduled for 2:05 pm was suddenly canceled without a clear reason. At the American Airlines desk, they claimed the only other Cleveland flight was “sold out” and promised to find an alternative. After 20 minutes of waiting, the agent informed me that I would be rerouted to New York’s LaGuardia airport with a connection to Cleveland. Although I would only have a tight 20-minute window for the connection, they assured me it would be fine.

    As I waited for my flight to New York, the departure time was continuously delayed. When I approached the desk to express my concerns about making the connection, I was told that both flights were delayed over an hour and not to worry. Trusting their information, I boarded the plane bound for New York and arrived at 7:25 pm, only to discover that my Cleveland flight had departed at 6:45 pm.

    Frustrated but trying to remain composed, I approached the American Airlines desk in New York. The woman behind the counter had a flashy appearance with long nails and an attitude to match. She casually told me that I had missed my flight and appeared unconcerned. When I asked for assistance, she dismissively replied that she had nothing to offer and laughed, suggesting I sleep on the floor or at the gate.

    Growing angrier, I requested to speak with a supervisor. Both the supervisor and the woman laughed at my request and claimed that they would not provide a hotel room because the flight cancellation was due to weather, which they considered an “act of God.” I pointed out that it was the airline’s fault for canceling my flight, delaying my connection, and providing misleading information. However, they remained unhelpful and unapologetic, suggesting I find a place to sleep on my own.

    Feeling shocked and helpless, I was asked by a security guard to leave the counter after the supervisor walked away. The level of customer service—or rather, lack thereof—I experienced was beyond anything I had ever encountered.

    Dylan Brown

    As for me, I’m sorry to hear about your frustrating experience with American Airlines. It sounds like you encountered several difficulties and received poor customer service. Travel disruptions can be incredibly frustrating, especially when it feels like the airline isn’t taking responsibility for the situation. It’s understandable that you’re upset and disappointed with the way things unfolded. It’s important to provide feedback to the airline directly, as well as consider sharing your experience with platforms like AirAdvisor, as they can be able to help you. Hopefully, your feedback and the feedback of others will encourage American Airlines to improve their services and prevent similar incidents in the future.

    Eva Brown

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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