Danish Energy Agency: Energy Stategy 2050 – 100% renewable energy scenarios

In March 2014 the Danish Energy Agency published scenarios for a vision to become fossil free in 2050:
“Energiscenarier frem mod 2020, 2035 og 2050” (Danish report)
“Energy scenarios for 2020, 2035 and 2050” (English report)

These are the first scenarios to go 100% Renewable Energy from a governmental institution in Denmark and in the rest of the world.

In 2015 The IDA Energy Vision put forward a new scenario and a roadmap to implement the goal of a 100% renewable energy system in 2050. This is the third in a row of studies conducted since 2006. In order to assess the economic and environmental consequences, this scenario has been compared to two scenarios published by the Danish Energy Agency (DEA). One, called the DEA fossil 2050 scenario representing a system like the present primarily based on fossil fuels, and another, called DEA Wind 2050 representing what one might call a consensus scenario of the current strategy of implementing the 2050 goals of 100% renewable energy. All scenarios are also described in a 2035 step with the outset of the current 2015 energy system. In order to conduct such analyses the Danish Energy Authority Fossil and Wind scenarios have been implemented into EnergyPlan. These model can be downloaded here:

IDA’s Energy Vision 2050: A Smart Energy System strategy for 100% renewable Denmark



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