A Romanian energy system model and a nuclear reduction strategy (2011)

In the PhD project “Computer Aided Design for stand-alone hybrid renewable energy systems”, Dan Gota developed an energy model for the Romanian energy system. The model for the Romanian energy system was made with the purpose of providing a tool for the analysis of future sustainable energy strategies.

The model represents the total national energy system and is detailed to the level of hourly demand and production with the purpose of facilitating analyses of the consequences of adding fluctuating renewable energy sources to the system. The model has been implemented into the EnergyPLAN tool and has been validated in order to determine if it can be used as a reference model for other simulations.
In EnergyPLAN, two different future strategy scenarios for the Romanian energy system are compared to the actual data of Romania of year 2008. First, a comparison is made between the 2008 model and the 2013 strategy scenario corresponding to the grid of the Romanian transmission system operator (TSO) Transelectrica. Then, a comparison is made to a second strategy scenario in which the installed nuclear capacity is reduced by 50%.

The model was developed with the support of the Department of Development and Planning at Aalborg University, Denmark. Read more in the journal paper published in Energy, November 2011.