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You can download the EnergyPLAN model free of charge by filling in the form below.
By submitting the form, you assume full responsibility for your individual use of the model. Aalborg University shall not be responsible or liable for any results achieved by use of the model.


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About the model

The model is downloaded as a zip-file with the following content:

  • An execute file named EnergyPLAN.exe
  • Three file-directories: energyPlan Data, energyPlan Tools and energyPlan Help.

The energyPlan Data directory contains the following three sub-directories:

  • a file-directory named Distribution with a library of hour-distribution files
  • a file-directory named Data holding three examples of input-data-set
  • a file-directory named Cost to store and load cost data

Al file-directories and sub-directories are used by the model execute file and the names cannot be changed. However new subdirectories can be added.

As EnergyPLAN is an executable, some anti-virus programs will warn you before using it for the first time. Therefore, depending on the security set-up on your computer, you may see a message such as the one displayed below (which is from Norton Anti-Virus 2010). Please press “allow” to open EnergyPLAN.