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    Kentrell Gigi

    Hi. I accidentally flushed a set of diamond earrings that were a gift from my late father. I wore them almost every day for years, and boom, gone in a moment with a small wad of toilet paper I’d used to wipe a water spots off the bathroom sink. After the sheer devastation subsided, I filed an insurance claim for them, and now have a check for their full insured value of $7800.

    I want to replace them, but don’t know where to start. I don’t want debeers diamonds, I want ethically sourced. If I was buying with my own money, I wouldn’t get diamonds. But I want to recreate my old ones as closely as possible, so diamonds it is.

    They were leverbacks with a dangling bezel-set solitaire in each earring. Simple. They were about 3/4 carat each.

    So, where should I start? I know the diamond industry is BS, I hate the idea of paying retail for a diamond because of its actual non-worth. Is there somewhere that I can buy from where I’m not supporting the dumb inflated market?

    John Staples

    Hello. I think you should look for gold earrings on the Internet, but in no case do not buy them on sites like AliExpress or Etsy because they sell a huge amount of counterfeit or simply low-quality jewelry. I think it’s best to pay attention to these princess cut diamond stud earrings.
    In my opinion, these earrings are just perfect, because they look very beautiful and at the same time they are not very expensive. The quality is also great!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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