What are the security features in the OKX clone script?

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    aditi sharma

    OKX is the trusted crypto exchange that prioritizes more security to protect its user crypto assets. In the entrepreneur’s mind, their thoughts are to foster platform security with a more feature-rich OKX clone script.

    Here’s a breakdown of the valid security features in the OKX clone:

    ⇒ Followed industry-standard security encryption:
    This OKX clone comes with a robust encryption algorithm, like AES-256. This scrambles data to render it unreadable in case of a security breach.

    ⇒ Cold Wallet Support:
    Initially, this OKX clone script was used to store a portion of private keys in a cold wallet. Cold wallets aren’t connected to the internet, which might result in reduced online attacks and data breaches.

    ⇒ Multi-Signature Wallets:
    Incorporating a multi-signature wallet for higher transactions that require multiple signatures to authorize personnel to approve the transaction gives an extra layer of security and reduces the risks of hacking.

    ⇒ Anti-DDoS Protection:
    Implement this denial-of-service (DDoS) that can control the transaction server to streamline more overwhelmed entries and cyber attacks.

    ⇒ HTTPS encryption:
    Strictly enforce Https encryption for all usage between web browsers and servers. This HTTPS verification is protecting against middle-man cyberattacks.

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