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    Video games are a massive industry with over 59 billion USD in sales in 2015. The video game development process is much more complicated than you might think, and that involves a number of various disciplines and cross-generational teamwork. We have broken down the process into its component pieces so that you can see what roles each team member plays to make something like Overwatch possible.

    Early Pre-production:

    Art Direction
    Gameplay Design
    Product release

    Post Production:

    Post Maintainance
    End of Life

    This is when the next generation of video games may be created, and when a game is retired, it is no longer eligible for future development. However, the developers may continue to work on it, but without official support.

    Zeke Yerkon

    Concept and Planning:

    In this initial stage, game developers come up with the game concept, which includes the game’s genre, story, characters, gameplay mechanics, and target audience.
    The planning phase involves creating a detailed game design document outlining all the features, levels, and mechanics of the game.

    During pre-production, the development team focuses on creating prototypes, concept art, and design assets to visualize the game.
    Game designers and artists work closely to establish the game’s visual style and overall look and feel.

    The production phase is the core of game development, where the actual game assets are created and the game is coded.
    Artists create the game’s graphics, animations, and visual effects.
    Programmers write the game’s code, develop gameplay mechanics, and implement the game’s features.
    Sound designers work on the game’s audio, including music, sound effects, and voiceovers.
    Testing and Quality Assurance:

    Throughout the development process, the game is regularly tested for bugs, glitches, and gameplay issues.
    Quality assurance (QA) testers play the game extensively to identify and report any problems or improvements needed.
    Beta Testing:

    In the beta testing stage, the game is released to a select group of external testers or the public to gather feedback and identify any remaining issues.
    Polishing and Optimization:

    Based on feedback from testers, the development team makes necessary changes and optimizes the game for performance and stability.

    Once the game is thoroughly tested and polished, it is ready for release to the public.
    The game may be released on various platforms, such as consoles, PC, or mobile devices.
    Post-Release Support:

    After the game’s release, developers continue to support it with updates, patches, and additional content to keep players engaged.

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    Viktoriia Smith

    Video game development is a multifaceted process that includes several stages and features:

    1. Concept and Planning: This is where the game’s idea is born, and the basic design and game mechanics are fleshed out. It involves storyboarding, character design, gameplay mechanics, and visual themes.

    2. Pre-production: In this stage, the technical requirements are determined, the game design document is created, and resources are planned out.

    3. Production: This is the primary development stage where the coding, art creation, and sound design take place. Game programmers build the game engine, while artists work on elements like characters, environments, and user interface.

    4. Testing: Rigorous testing is performed to find and fix bugs, check for game balance, and ensure the game is enjoyable and meets the original design goals.

    5. Launch: The game is released to the public. This stage also involves marketing and distribution.

    6. Post-production: After launch, developers continue to update and maintain the game, often adding new content or fixing bugs based on player feedback.

    When it comes to the features of a video game, they can include immersive storylines, appealing graphics, interactive gameplay, intuitive controls, multiplayer capabilities, and various difficulty levels.

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