How to troubleshoot HP Printer not Responding to Mac

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    Carrie Obrien

    To get a solution for HP Printer not Responding. Keep reading such a blog.

    George more

    Samsung printer is very easy wireless printing setup. Wireless networks require more security, so when you configure the access point for the first time, the name of the network (SSID), the type of security used.
    But sometime Samsung wireless printer not connecting the main reason is poor connection seating. You may use some methods to make it better.
    method 1: Restart All Devices · Method
    Method 2: Check Wireless Connectivity

    Matt Henry

    There were times when your HP printer does not work properly on your Mac OS. At times like this, you can follow these steps to resolve such issues. Check out below:

    Check Out-Printer Connection
    Due to connection problems sometimes, your HP printer may show an error message. If you see the HP printer not working error message, you should first check your connection.

    USB Connection:
    Turn off your Printer and then just wait for a few seconds.
    Take out the USB cable connected to your printer.
    Now, turn on the printer again with some pressure to secure the connection.
    Perform a printing test to be sure.
    Network Connection
    Restart your HP printer to see if the problem is fixed or not, then restart your computer.
    Now wait for a few seconds and recheck the network connection.
    Click on the Apple icon from your iMac and go to system preference.
    Now to open the printer list, you have click on one of these options- Printers and Scanners, Print & Fax or in Print and scan.
    From that given list, you have to click on the HP Printer and then click on Open Print Queue.

    I hope these different methods will be helpful!
    Matt Henry

    Bill Shiphr

    If it is possible, try to connect it via USB. I think it will help to solve the problem.

    Cermit Fellon

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