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    Jen Davis

    Colombia has lots of regions that provide exactly the right growing requirements for Arabica plants. Additional many growing areas are blessed with rich volcanic soil, that will be very advantageous to coffee cultivation and which also heightens a certain quality into the flavor of the beans.

    Just Arabica beans have been grown in Colombia, also 12% of this world’s arabica comes from Colombia.

    Various Regions, Different CoffeesImage: Lucky Belly
    Considering that Colombia only develops arabica beans, coupled with how the majority are processed using the wet method, there is still considerable variation between java grown in different parts of the nation.

    Generally speaking, Colombian coffees are distinguished as with a strong aroma, higher acidity and a moderate to high human anatomy; they are regarded as clean, tender and supple. However, the nation has several different growing places and there is a lot of variety between beans from each.

    Even the most well-known coffee-producing region, known as the”coffee belt”, will be the central portion of the nation that comprises the branches of Caldas, Quindío and Risaralda. This is Colombian java’s heartland.

    Further south, nearer the equator, java are grown at higher altitudes as a result of higher temperatures. The return is lower, but these are a few of the very most soughtafter legumes that the country has to offer you.

    A lot of different regions also grow coffee with characteristics unique to all those portions of the nation.

    Have a look at this video which introduces coffee in Colombia.

    Colombian coffee is split into categories based on standard. The highest tier is known as Supremo, the best Colombian coffee offered. Next, the next grade is Extra; the third tier, Excelso, is an inferior mix of their first two.

    In earlier times Colombian beans have been blended together with java from different countries, however today, people have started to spend more focus on the sources of their beans. To be sure you are buying Colombian beans, always try to find the 100% Brands of Colombia logo.

    With specialization coffees, you should also be able to discover additional facts of the particular farm at which the java you’re buying was increased, the elevation, the processing system and so on.

    The Greatest Colombian Coffee Brands Currently On The Market
    Here is a list of some of the most useful brands selling high-quality Colombian coffees.

    A couple are Colombia-based organizations while others are US roasters that roast and import premium-quality Colombian beans.
    Peaberry legumes certainly are a genetic mutation that affects just approximately 5 percent of any specific harvest, but a lot of coffee aficionados state this mutation gives them an excellent flavor to one other 95% of this harvest.

    They are medium-roast, with a medium to high acidity and also a bright, tangy taste.
    Coffee Bean Direct sell a supreme quality Colombian Supremo bean which produces coffee of medium acidity, with a balanced body and a smooth yet intricate taste.

    Some tasters detect hints of lemon, brown sugar and milk chocolate. This java is light-roasted.
    Koffee Kult is really a US-based artisanal roaster who give you a Colombian single source Huila beans of rather substantial quality.

    The beans have been grown at an altitude of 6,230feet (1,900m) and are processed by the wet procedure before being sun-dried, or some times mechanically dried. They truly are medium-roast.

    In terms of flavor profile, that they have a pale cherry taste, together with notes of caramel.
    Stone Street Coffee is a brand new York-based artisanal java roaster that provides two forms of single origin noodle beans.

    The foremost is a Colombian Supremo, sold like a light-roast java with above average acidity, a clean, lingering finish, also a good body and a intricate flavor profile.

    The 2nd is really a Rainforest Alliance certified bean that produces creamy coffee with a distinguishing acidity and a clean and aromatic flavor profile. It’s sold while the medium roast.

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