energyPRO is a complete modelling software package for combined techno-economic design, analysis, and optimisation, of both fossil and bio-fuelled cogeneration and trigeneration projects as well as wind power and other types of complex energy-projects. It is developed and maintained by the company EMD International A/S in Denmark [1], and over 50 versions have been released over the past 20 years. The model can be bought for €2,700 to €5,600 depending on the modules chosen and currently there are more than 1,000 users in 16 countries. To be able use the energyPRO model, one day of training is necessary.

The energyPRO model is specifically designed for a single thermal or CHP power-plant investigation. It can model all types of thermal generation, renewable energy and energy storage to complete this analysis. However, it only models the electricity and district heating sectors. The analysis is carried out using a 1-mintue time-step for a maximum duration of 40 years (which represents the typical lifetime of power plant). In addition, the energyPRO model accounts for all financial aspects also such as fuel prices, fuel handling costs, investment costs, operation and maintenance costs as well as environmental costs.

To date the energyPRO model has been used to analyse CHP plants participating in the spot market or selling electricity at fixed tariffs [2], compressed-air energy-storage in the spot market [3], to analyse CHP plants on district-heating networks instead of boilers [4], and to identify the optimal size of a CHP-unit and thermal store when a CHP-plant is selling at the spot market [5]. Also, energyPRO has modelled single-projects where 100% of the demand was supplied by renewable resources [6].


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